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The best Hijama Cupping Therapy Experience

Based in Eastborough Dewsbury now, We offer Hijama Cupping Therapy the Sunnah way - Male Therapist for Males and Female Therapist for females only. 

Treatments from Sunnah Hijama will relieve muscle tension and improve circulation, leaving you looking brighter and feeling refreshed.

 Hijama cupping therapy is a process of blood detoxification in which the skin is pricked and small amount of blood is extracted. contact us for availability:

Ma... Learn more

Adjustment Massage Service

My professional Deep tissue massage and neck and back Alignment service means you can rest assured I am highly trained and a specialist in this field.

 It’s important to me to get the right treatment for you so if you’re not sure, I offer a free consultation to identify which treatment will be right for you. No matter the treatment, my services will always offer a slice of calm to contrast with your busy daily life.

Getting Rid of Aches and Pains

Curious about the benefits of a Hijama cupping therapy? Over time, everyone experiences muscle tension, either from stress, poor posture, or not regularly using certain muscles as often as you should. That tension can mean they become stiff and begin to ache. By utilising a combination of professional massage techniques, I can help you relieve this tension and restore your proper quality of life. Rest assured, I am trained to work with pre-e... Learn more


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Happy Clients

Gordon Couttie

Immediate relief from symptoms without pain (or drugs). I found that, since treatment, I have regained my lost appetite and have been sleeping well and soundly, waking refreshed and envigorated.


Maimoonah Mahmood

Lovely place / very welcoming and relaxed 1000% recommend

Mubarak Hussain

Asif Anwar is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the cupping procedures and the service level is second to none. I would certainly recommend and visit again in the future!


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Nay Modeste

11 February 2024

11 February


Really professional friendly and informative. I will be a repeat customer 😃


11 January 2024

11 January


Very highly recommended, The brother here gave a first class service for Hijama with all the advice and aftercare information.

Please contact us and someone will get back to you with your enquiry within 24 hours

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